FairCopy ddd

A word processor for the digital humanities.

FairCopy is a simple and powerful tool for transcribing, editing, and studying documents.

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Transcribing isn’t just for XML experts anymore.

The internationally accepted “Guidelines for Electronic Text Encoding and Interchange” or “TEI” for short, are a powerful XML code created specifically for transcribing primary sources.

TEI allows for mark up of revisions, attributions, linked data, and annotations, as well as the structural features of printed documents and manuscripts.

Before FairCopy, the only way to transcribe documents in TEI was by using an XML editor; in other words, with a tool created for programmers. To use TEI, you had to become an XML expert.

FairCopy gives humanists an editor to create TEI encoded texts without writing a single line of XML, so this rich format becomes accessible for everyone.

Express TEI concepts without XML code.

Microsoft Word was created for printing documents, online content management systems such as Wordpress are created for making websites, but FairCopy is created specifically for transcribing, editing, and studying historical documents.

FairCopy is a “semantic word processor,” a tool for capturing and organizing the layers of meaning encountered in textual artifacts.

FairCopy is created specifically for transcribing, editing, and studying historical documents.

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All the featuresdigital humanists need.

Getting started with FairCopy is easy

  • Import a directory of XML files into a project
  • Use images from your computer or from a IIIF Manifest
  • Images that feature printed text can be automatically OCRed
  • Associate the transcription with pages or zones within a page

Customize FairCopy to suit your project

  • Use attributes and vocabularies from an existing XML as a starting point
  • Narrow down which attributes to utilize for a given element type
  • Manage controlled vocabularies and associate vocabularies with specific attributes

Edit more efficiently than ever

  • Attributes are validated on the spot
  • Invalid entries are highlighted with a friendly prompt
  • Fields autocomplete to IDs found in the project
  • Easily link images with text

Control your work, wherever you are

  • Available for Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Works offline, off campus, anywhere
  • All data resides on your machine and is private unless explicitly shared
  • Easily export documents in TEI Simple XML.

Search and compare documents with ease

  • Perform advanced search queries on both the text itself and the markup
  • Compare versions of the same text to discover differences

Friendly and affordable

  • Affordable to both individuals and institutions
  • One fee covers unlimited use of the product and automatic updates
  • A free trial period lets you evaluate the software before purchase
  • Available in English, French, and Spanish